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Mindfulness, Meditation and Physiotherapy Services 

Mind Body Horizons was created as a space to educate and inspire people to prioritize both their physical and mental well-being. 

We specialize in meditation, mindfulness and physiotherapy (offered both in person and online). Learn more about our physiotherapy and mindfulness services and how we can help you on your road to recovery.


Meet Shrey

Founder of Mind Body Horizons, Shrey Vazir, is a Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator and Educator specializing in chronic pain, stress management and client well-being.


Having practiced mindfulness & meditation for over 12 years to manage his personal Fibromyalgia pain, Shrey has embraced mindfulness and exercise for both physical and mental well-being. 


Using a Mind-Body approach,  Shrey teaches patients, healthcare professionals and employees on how they can better cope with chronic stress, pain and burnout.

Sea Shore


We exercise to take care of our body, but what do we do to strengthen the muscles of our mind?


We strongly believe that when managing chronic stress, pain or burnout, it is crucial to take care of both the body and the mind. Mind Body Horizons’ mission is to inspire patients and professionals to incorporate Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement into their everyday lives. 

Contact Us

For all inquiries, please contact us:


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