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What Clients Have To Say


Shrey facilitated 2 mindfulness sessions for our employee community. They were very well received during a notoriously busy and stressful time of year. Additionally, Shrey was excellent to work with throughout, and demonstrated both flexibility and professionalism. Thank you Shrey!


I have been participating in Shrey’s mindful classes for the past 6 months. Having experienced and enjoyed them, I was able to bring his offering to NTD’s associates on Friday afternoons. Shrey offers a variety of mindfulness activities to connect to mind, body, and environment. His voice is very soothing, and I come away both relaxed and energized. I would highly recommend joining Shrey’s classes if given the opportunity. 

Susan Kallsen , Executive Assistant and Administrative Manager at National Tire Distributors


Shrey is a conscientious, forward thinking clinician that treats the whole person including the physical and psychosocial dimensions of wellness. Shrey has made mindfulness meditation a central feature of his clinical practice with great results and has used his knowledge and innovative approach to develop group mindfulness programs and provide organizational and community education sessions. Shrey is truly a leader in the mindfulness meditation space!

Donovan Cooper, Manager of Site Operations at Altum Health - University Health Network


Shrey Vazir is very knowledgeable in the field of Mindfulness. I worked with Shrey when he produced four Mindfulness courses for Physiopedia Plus. His courses are very popular!

Tarina Van der Stockt, Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist, Education Director, Physioplus


Shrey did a great lecture on Mindfulness for Very interesting and informative. Highly recommended for all allied healthcare professionals

Nils Oudhuis, Creator of Trust me, I'm a Physiotherapist + Co Founder bij Trust Me Ed


What patients/participants have to say?

Shrey is my Physiotherapist - He ensure I understand the problems and my treatment will help me in the long term. He is very pleasant and non-judgement. The interesting part is that he incorporate mindfulness principles (meditation) into my physiotherapy (neck-head issues) treatments. I've learned to concentrate on my  breathing and focus on the present moment. I took awhile for me to adjust and slowly adapting meditation as part of my daily routine.


I highly recommend Shrey - if you are into meditation or want to explore the mindfulness approach. Different things work for different people, so if you don’t find one exercise/program/treatment useful, try another.  Give it a try and adapting them so that they suit you and are easier to fit in with your daily life...

- Kirby L

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