My journey with chronic pain started 8 years ago, in 2012. After experiencing severe episodes of back pain, I was sent down a path that many patients with pain go through. I was tossed from specialist to specialist, and in that journey, I saw a pain physician, a rheumatologist, a neurologist, and many other rehabilitation professionals. In that time, I also underwent multiple scans including an X-Ray, MRI, CT scan, and nerve studies. At the end of it all, there were good news, and there were bad news.

The good news: All my scans were clear and negative!


The bad news: I still had the same pain, and it was unexplained.

Fast forward to now, after my training in Physical Therapy, Pain Neuroscience and Mindfulness, I have not only learned how to live and manage my physical pain, but I have learned how to thrive.​

Shrey Vazir

Founder of Mind Body Horizons

Having learned the Mind-Body approach in taking care of my personal well-being, I now teach patients and professionals on how they can better cope with pain, stress and burnout.

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Registered Physiotherapist, University of Toronto, MSc(PT)

  • Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, MBCPM™ 

  • Professional Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

  • Chronic Pain Specialist at University Health Network

  • Guest Lecturer at the University of Toronto

  • Member of Physical Therapy Department's Pain Curriculum at University of Toronto

  • Honours Kinesiology, McMaster University, B.Sc.Kin (Hons.)

  • Professional Speaker and Presenter

More About Me 

  • I love hiking and biking!

  • I love to sing!

  • Major foodie!

  • I love travelling and chasing sunsets